A Virtual CIO Will Benefit Your Business—Here’s Why

What is a Virtual CIO?

Many companies don’t need a full-time CIO to fill the gap between executive management and IT. We know what a CIO is, but what’s a virtual CIO?

A virtual Chief Information Officer, or CIO, is exactly what it sounds like, and can be either an individual or a company doing the job virtually. A virtual CIO is responsible for managing computer systems, information processing, providing advice and other tasks that would normally be completed by a conventional CIO.

Virtual CIO Value at a Glance

For large corporations, hiring an onsite CIO to take care of tasks isn’t an issue. However for small to medium-sized businesses, an onsite CIO may be too costly in numerous ways. A virtual CIO frees owners, CEO’s and CFO’s from splitting their time between running the business and managing IT issues, thus saving time and creating cost savings.

In five simple ways, let’s go over the value a virtual CIO provides.



If you’re a small business owner trying to take care of IT issues and technology systems, chances are your time would be better spent doing something else. Having the virtual CIO allows you and your employees to be more flexible with time, rather than trying to figure out technology issues.


Cost Savings

Having a CIO without the full-time status means you get the same services, advice and connections in a more cost-effective way. This isn’t the only way a virtual CIO saves your business money. You will also receive the knowledge of a certified virtual CIO to help you leverage and cut costs on your technology and systems.



Rather than hire a full-time CIO or have an employee “learn on the go,” you can depend on a virtual CIO to provide you with the experience your business needs. With a virtual CIO, your business can have 24/7 access to an experienced individual or full-fledged IT team.



Security is something business owners think about on a daily basis. A virtual CIO will be on your team around the clock to reduce risk, solve IT hindrances and provide disaster recovery solutions.

*Bonus! Check out some of our data security tips for businesses now!



Last but not least: focus, focus, focus. Having a remote or virtual CIO means you get to focus on what you must do to succeed. As a small to medium-sized business owner, making every minute count may be the difference between success and failure.

These are just a few of the ways hiring a virtual CIO will benefit your business. Now let’s take a look at the specific services a virtual CIO offers.


Intuitive Network’s Virtual CIO Provides:

  • Strategic IT planning
  • Focus on the cost effective use of IT
  • Business needs analysis
  • Business continuity planning
  • Vendor management service
  • Enterprise IT security, security policy review and planning
  • High-level infrastructure architecture evaluation
  • IT sourcing options recommendations and research
  • Regular meetings with a dedicated, senior-level technology expert
  • Benefit from the application of cutting-edge technology to your business requirements

There’s a lot to learn about what it means to have a virtual CIO join your business. If you’d like to speak with a virtual CIO for more information, you can start a conversation with us on our contact page!

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