Avoid Complete Disaster with Managed Remote Backup

As an IT partner, we’re always making sure our clients are safe, secure, and confident in their technology. As a business owner, the technology, the data and information within your company is the lifeblood that keeps you rolling. So what happens if years of vital data disappears or gets stolen? You’re in deep, deep trouble.

However, we’re not here to talk about deep trouble. We’re here to talk about how to prevent it! We’ve helped many business owners implement a company-wide sense of security and peace of mind they’ve never had before. So how does that convert into something tangible? Automatic, regular backups that happen seamlessly, better known as managed remote backups.

Let’s go into how a managed remote backup works and a few of the essential benefits.


What is a Managed Remote Backup?

A service that provides companies or other users storage, backup, and recovery options for the data, files and information in their company.

INI’s Full Monitored Managed Remote Backup:

  • We monitor the backup software to ensure that it is always working and take immediate action if a problem arises.
  • We are able to recover your data from nearly any point in time. This can be one file or a full data restore.
  • You will never have to complete another full backup. This drastically reduces backup time, storage space, network traffic, and server workload.
  • Our managed remote backup service can help to reduce operating costs by minimizing the amount of backup storage needed.


Why Backup Your Business’s Data?


Data loss can happen to any business, at any time. Some of the most common ways businesses lose their data are:

  • Computer or power failure
  • Human error
  • Viruses and malware
  • Theft
  • Water damage

We don’t want to scare you, but these things happen to businesses quite frequently! What’s the  number one way to avoid losing your data if one of these disasters occurs? Managed remote backup.


How Remote Backup Benefits Your Business

Reduced Costs

As you may have noticed, many of our services save your business money! This is especially true when it comes to our managed remote backup service.

Cost-Saving Benefits with Remote Backup Include:

  • Less storage space required
  • Less bandwidth needed
  • Don’t purchase new hardware—recover to dissimilar hardware if needed!


Improved Productivity

Increasing productivity is one of every successful business leader’s goal. Managed remote backup is another vital way to do that.

Productivity Improvements Include:

  • Back up more data in less time
  • Minimize downtime with faster restore times
  • Restore a single file or a complete volume from any point in time you have data backed up


Increased Awareness

Peace. Of. Mind. With our managed remote backup, you’ll have a fully monitored system that’s always watching and reporting.

How it Works:

  • Backups are fully monitored
  • Receive backup alerts


Increased Confidence

You’ll never have to worry again about saying “Did I back that up?” or “What happens if I lose this forever?” Our seamless backup process gives you the confidence your business needs to succeed.

How we do it:

  • Regular backups minimize business downtime in the event of a data loss
  • Backups are always scheduled, managed and monitored by expert technicians.

If this hasn’t convinced you to contact us about a managed remote system we’re not sure what will! Gain the peace of mind and security your business needs by getting in touch with Intuitive Networks today. We have the perfect remote backup services for small to medium-sized businesses just like yours!

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