Data Security Tips for Businesses


It’s the questions business owners ask themselves nearly every day, “Am I taking all the necessary steps to make sure my business and data are safe?” “How can I be sure my employees are protecting my data?” There are a ton of factors that play a role in these questions. However, why not make data security easier for yourself?


In this blog, you’ll learn about first-hand, data security tips from the professionals at Intuitive Networks about keeping your data safe. Let’s get started.


Tip #1: Be aware of mobile


More smartphones and mobile devices are being used for business more than ever. People are working at coffee shops, coworking spaces, and other locations with their mobile phones. It’s important to make sure the mobile devices being used are as secure as the technology within your business’s walls.


Tip #2: Use the cloud


The time for the cloud is now. There are great options to get your business to the cloud. In fact, Intuitive Networks creates high level protection for your business through encryption.


Tip #3: Encryption


Expanding on the previous tip, encryption is vital if you keep your data onsite. If your business’s data is stolen or compromised, if it’s encrypted they will not be able to decipher it, or it will be extremely hard to.


Tip #4: Adopt a company-wide policy


Your employees will be using computers and smartphones for social media and other online browsing. It’s vital that you incorporate a privacy policy with all workers to ensure they keep personal and private data separate. For example, a security policy that all employee’s computers connected to the corporate network have security software installed.


Tip #5: Back up


Backing up your data is one of the most important things anyone could do these days with essential information. If you don’t backup your data, it’s only a matter of time before it’s lost. For example, our remote backup services reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase confidence and awareness for your business.


Tip #6: Isolate sensitive data


For your business’s most sensitive data, it’s best to keep that data on the least amount of computers and networks to limit risk as much as possible. After isolating the sensitive data, put all other protective means into place to ensure this sensitive data can’t be touched.


Tip #7: Keep passwords “strong”

I’m sure we all know by now that “password” is not a good or clever password to have. As a business owner you can review all passwords in the business to ensure they are the hardest to crack. The best option is to use a service such as LastPass to generate and keep all passwords secure.


Tip #8: Be aware of downloads


You should instill in your employee’s minds that they should only download things from reputable sites. Downloading items from an unreliant source can expose your data in a variety of ways. If it doesn’t look safe to download, it’s best not to.

Do you feel like you can make your business a little more secure now? Good! If you would like to chat with us about other security tips for business or IT solutions, please get in contact with us.

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