Spring Cleaning! Clean Up Your Technology



It’s spring time which means warmer weather, pesky allergies, and serious cleaning. And when you think about spring cleaning the first thing that comes to mind is the house, a car, the backyard… but why not also clean your technology!?

The average person spends about 8 hours a day in front of screens, usually from computers and smartphones. With that being said, can you remember the last time you cleaned your computer and/or smartphone inside and out?

Here are some tips, tricks, and insight into spring cleaning your computer.


The physical (outside) cleaning


Yes, this is the physical cleaning of your technology. You will want to focus your attention on your mouse, keyboard, monitor and computer. Cleaning your mouse is fairly simple—try a magic eraser to eliminate grease and other stains. Cleaning your keyboard is very easy, and will only require a few household objects that are easily accessible. Next, dim your monitor until it’s fully black. See all the smudges? We advise you wipe that all down too!

Lastly, the computer needs to be cleaned out. If you have a computer that can be easily opened, use compressed air to get in and clean the dust out of the fans. For laptops, please read the instruction manual to get a better understanding of how to open it, then clean it out. You’d be surprised how much dust can live in your computer!
Bonus! Your desk may be collecting papers, dust, and other odds and ends from the past year. Take some time to organize everything on and under your desk so you have a clutter-free work zone. Cleaning your desk and the office will increase productivity and efficiency!


Now for the “inside” cleaning: get software up-to-date

Here’s where we get digital—it’s time to manage and update your software. We are not talking about spending more money on new software, we’re talking about updating the software you already have. Chances are you have multiple software updates sitting in a queue waiting to be downloaded. Now is the time!


Get rid of unused programs

Most of us have applications and programs stockpiled from years past, and honestly, are we really using them all? Probably not.

What you want to do is go through folders and folders to find the applications and programs you must keep, the ones you may need, and the ones you don’t. A program such as Revo Uninstaller might be a good idea to identify programs you don’t use often.

The more unused programs you get rid of the more space you have free for speed purposes or other more efficient programs.


Free up your hard drive

This takes the last section a step further. Head over to the storage section of your computer and see what exactly is taking up hard drive space. Chances are there are images, videos, applications, files, and other non-essential items taking up valuable space on your computer. If you’re worried about losing files forever, backup everything to an external hard drive.

Your computer isn’t an endless file cabinet for junk, so keep it clean!


Clean and optimize your system

We recommend using a program such as CCleaner to identify and clean out your computer. Extra caches, temporary files and other random data can be removed and give your computer some much-needed space.


Run antivirus protection

Try running the Ad-Aware virus and spyware protection. It’s a great program with a successful track record protecting computers everywhere. It’s important to give your computer this level of virus protection.

Do you have a Mac? Try using this guide to find the right one.



One of the best ways to increase your computer’s speed and efficiency is to add RAM, or memory. Increasing the RAM is surprisingly cheap and easy for how positive it can be for your computer and productivity. Learn more about upgrading your RAM from PCMag.


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We hope you enjoy and put to use the handful of steps to quickly clean up your computer this spring! Want our professional advice or help? Contact us, we’d love to help!

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