When it comes to running your business, managed cloud services are becoming increasingly popular. Managed cloud services offer partial or complete management of a company’s cloud resources and infrastructure. Moving your business to the cloud provides high flexibility and security for your applications and data. According to new research from Gartner, “more than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 and will not be able to fully execute their digital strategies without the use of cloud-native technologies.”  This research report estimates that more than “95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from 30% in 2021.” 


What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

We see more and more companies move to the cloud, and if your company is considering that same leap, we’re here to support you as your managed IT services provider (MSP). That means that we can help move your data and processes to the cloud and manage the entire scope of your IT needs, including delivering network, application, system, and security services on a subscription basis. Essentially, we enable companies to shift the cost and responsibility of physical data storage and processing to us. We work with you to mold your cloud environment to meet your unique needs and ensure your daily operations are more efficient. 

Our cloud-managed services include: 

  • Cloud Hosting: we keep your data safe in our private, secure data centers. 
  • Unified Communications: we ensure straightforward and seamless communication systems. 
  • Office 365 Support: we provide essential Microsoft tools – including migrations, integrations, management, and more.
  • Virtual Server Hosting: we handle all your server flexibility and scalability, including assisting in moves from a physical server to a virtual server on the cloud. 


The Benefits of Cloud-Managed Services

There are many benefits to moving to cloud-managed services:

  • Increased scalability: as your business grows, we can work with you to implement the infrastructure required to support your growth. We can scale up or down as needed. 
  • Enhanced communication: we can utilize the cloud to ensure clear communication channels for your company – both internally and externally. We can tailor communications to meet the needs of various facets of your business. 
  • More storage space: utilizing cloud storage eliminates the need for on-site servers, which means we can scale up or scale down your cloud storage capacity to meet your company’s needs. 
  • Increased security: we work with you to secure the future of your business, and we’ll handle all your security battles. 
  • Improved system reliability: we specialize in understanding your company’s goals and creating reliable cloud hosting solutions.
  • 24/7 monitoring: we provide 24/7 remote monitoring to keep a close watch on your servers, firewalls, network gear, and other systems to ensure your IT is secure and running as efficiently as possible. 


Why You Need to Implement Cloud-Managed Services in Your Business 

As technology continues to grow and change rapidly, as your MSP, we’ll be with you – utilizing that technology to help you grow your business. We’ll take care of your technology so that you can focus on your company’s day-to-day operations and needs. Our goal is to ensure your network is regularly maintained and help you avoid costly disruptions to yield higher productivity and save on support. As an industry-leading managed services provider, we provide reliable cloud-managed services and access to your applications and business data. 

Ready to make the leap to the cloud? Let’s get started! 


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