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The 10 Top Dental Practice Management Softwares On The Market

Dental practice management software is a vital tool for any dental office. It lets you track patient information, schedule appointments, handle marketing initiatives, and manage your finances in one convenient spot. In short: It’s a technology that helps you do your best work.

With so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your practice. In today’s post, we will review the top 10 platforms along with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision for your dental practice.


Top 10 Dental Practice Software Programs



Tab32 is a leading option for dental practice management software. It has many features designed to make running your practice easier. This includes visual charting, online appointment scheduling, treatment plan presentations, and automatic reminders with two-way texting. That said, the area that Tab32 is lacking in is customer support. There is no chat, email, or support portal, making it a bit hard to reach customer service efficiently. Outside of this, the company charges $100 per feature, and a setup fee, which means things can add up quickly if you’re a smaller practice.


Practice Web

Practice-Web is another go-to option for dental offices and has been around since 1990. The software itself offers a medley of tools to help you run your dental practice efficiently. A few of the advantages include having multiple support options when you need them, transparent pricing, and creating a completely paperless process for your patient from start to finish. It is also a more budget-friendly option, starting at under $200 per month. However, some users have reported issues with customer service, an outdated interface, and limited customization options.


Dentrix Ascend

Dentrix Ascend is a server-based software rather than cloud-based, and while it’s not as stylish as some newcomers, it has a reputation among dentists for being trustworthy since its 1989 inception. In fact, it is used by over 35,000 dental practices. It has great credibility and solid customer engagement features. Many users report a learning curve when first adopting the software. So if you’re looking for a more basic solution, this may not be for you.



Dovetail is a software tool for dental practices that creates a completely paperless, digital experience. Its outstanding features include the ability to automate tasks and reminders, the digitalization of the medical chart, and accessing records as well as your practice digitally from anywhere, at any time. Few users report negatively on the platform, except for the occasional backlog or that there’s learning curve in getting used to the digital interface.


iDental Soft

iDental Soft is a cloud-based dental software that helps you manage your practice, from patient scheduling and treatment planning to charting and claims management. It is known for its intuitive design, ease of use, and comprehensive features like instant messaging with patients for clear communications.



If you’re looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one dental software solution, Curve Dental is definitely worth considering. It has everything you need to run your dental practice smoothly, from patient scheduling and treatment planning to chart and claims management. It is known for its intuitive, modern design and ability to reduce the stress of IT issues among its user base. On top of responsive support, users don't have to worry about managing their servers, backing up data, or cybersecurity protection. The only major downside is Curve Dental may not work with your current image or credit card processors. You’ll want to connect with support before making the switch to see what the impact will be.


Dentrix Enterprise

Dentrix Enterprise is a sister product to Dentrix Ascend. It, like Ascend, has a great reputation and is known for its key engagement features and client management system. The core difference is that it was built for group dental practices. The beauty of this dental software program is that it allows you to generate reports across locations for patients and revenue. Plus, it’s one of the most competitive options for its class on the market. The real downside is the cost; while not published publicly, given the extensive use of the program, it will be higher than others on this list.


Care Stack

CareStack Software is a newer option on the market and has several core advantages. One advantage of CareStack Dental Practice Management Software is they are known for superior customer service and logs an average response time of under 30 seconds — which is critical when you need a fast answer. Another advantage is that Care Stack is incredibly customer-centric and has advanced customer engagement features. This provides your patients with an amazing dental experience from start to finish. One drawback is that there have been a few glitches in the company’s payment processing partner. 



Doctible, while not a fully comprehensive software solution with charts and x-ray options, it’s a powerful engagement tool to connect with patients. For that reason alone, it made this list. Doctible’s core advantage is that it has a ton of features to make your practice one of the best for your patients. You can create automated reminders, patient intake forms, a custom chatbot, and handle reputation management all in one spot. Plus, the company works on a module pricing model ranging from $100-$500 on a per-location basis. Truthfully, there aren’t many cons from users. The two main ones commonly cited are that payment tools are not fully integrated with a practice management system, and IM/text images are still being developed.



Maxident’s cloud-based dental software boasts artificial intelligence features, voice input, touch screen integration, and tablet design, allowing for an electronic signature and digital imaging. While it is high-tech, it’s certainly not new. MaxiDent has been evolving its dental suite of software solutions for dental clinics for over 40 years. From patient scheduling and treatment planning to chart and claims management. It is known for its intuitive design, ease of use, and comprehensive features like MaxiIM. This feature allows you to instant message patients for clear communications. One of the downfalls of the product, reported in reviews, noted it’s difficult to send pre-determinations to the insurance within the software.


Final Thoughts

Get the IT support your business needs from industry leaders. Dental practice management software is a powerful tool that can help your dental office run smoothly. However, with so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which platform is right for you. So, whether you are just starting out or looking to switch to a new system, we hope this information proves helpful!

If you have any questions about dental practice management software or need help managing your current software, don’t hesitate to contact the Intuitive Networks team today. Our industry-leading professionals would be happy to assist you!

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5 Reasons For Choosing Cloud-Based Software For Your Dental Practice

Are you still using outdated dental practice software? If so, you may be missing out on the benefits of cloud-based software that can tremendously streamline productivity and protect your practice in the long run. Today we uncover the 5 major reasons you should switch to cloud-based dental software for your practice.


What Is Cloud-Based Software?

Cloud-based software is a type of program that allows users to access and store data on remote servers, or “the cloud,” instead of on their own computers. Cloud-based software has become increasingly popular in recent years as more businesses move away from storing data on physical devices. 

From cost efficiency to safety and dependability, the pros outweigh the cons compared to traditional storage methods, making it a necessary move for dental practices.


What Are The Benefits Of The Cloud For Your Dental Practice?

Now that you’re familiar with the cloud, let's discuss the top 5 reasons to consider it for your dental software:


1. Cloud-Based Storage Is Cost-Effective

Cloud-based software is an increasingly popular option for dental practices of all sizes. One key reason is that it’s typically more cost-effective than traditional desktop software. With cloud-based software, support and maintenance are typically bundled with the usage license, so there are no hidden costs. 

This can save your practice a significant amount of money over time. You won't need someone to physically install new updates every time they happen. Cloud-based software does this automatically.


2. Secure Data Monitoring

Dental practices have always been a target for criminals, with sensitive patient information and expensive equipment at risk of being stolen. In recent years, data breaches have become an increasingly common issue, with hackers targeting practices of all sizes in an attempt to install ransomware and steal personal information. 

Some practices choose to store their data on-site, leaving them vulnerable to natural disasters, theft, or attack. 

The cloud is a much more secure option, with data stored off-site and encryption to protect it from hackers. Cloud service providers also require high levels of authentication to access data, making it much more difficult for criminals to gain access. As a result, choosing to store your dental practice’s sensitive data in the cloud is a more efficient way to keep it safe from the unthinkable.


3. 24/7 Accessibility

Cloud-based software allows you to access your dental practice's data from anywhere in the world, at any time. All you need is an internet connection. 

If you currently operate two or more dental clinics, wouldn't it be amazing to have your patients' information accessible from one screen at any location? What about generating vital reports from any computer for any location? 

Cloud-based dental software allows the possibility for multi-location clinics to communicate seamlessly. This gives you the ability to access your patient's files from anywhere at anytime.


4. Unlimited Storage

Cloud software often comes with unlimited storage, so you never have to worry about running out of space. This is ideal for dental practices that generate a lot of data, from patient records to medical billing and forms. Also ideal for any multi-location practices out there.

The cloud makes it easy to keep track of your dental practice’s data and makes it easier for you to provide the best possible care for your patients. With no risk of running out of storage space, ever.


5. Auto Updates and Backups

As a dental practice, it is important to have software that is always up-to-date. With the cloud, you can be confident that you have the most recent version of data available. 

Gone are the days when a potential natural disaster, like a flood or fire, could single-handedly destroy your practice's data. With the cloud, this precious data is stored safely and encrypted, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night.


Get IT Support From Industry Leaders

There are many reasons to choose cloud-based software for your dental practice. It is more cost-effective, provides secure data monitoring, and gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world. Plus, it also comes with large storage options and continuous updates and backups.

If you think it’s time to start your practice’s transition to the cloud, we’re here to help. At Intuitive Networks, our team of professionals offer migration services to make a seamless transition from your current software. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to create your customized IT plan today.

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