How to stop and prevent ransomware attacks

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Construction companies are seeing an increased need to have an online presence with more consumers shopping and conducting business online. In 2019, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigative Report debunked the myth that cybercriminals only attack large companies with 43% of Ransomware attacks against small to medium-sized businesses - construction businesses have now become the Number 1 target. 

The motivation for the attack remains the same - money, but the reason that smaller businesses are targeted because it takes longer for the business to identify the breach. Usually, by the time the breach has been identified, their information has already been transferred and sold multiple times. In the last two years, there has been an increase in demand for construction services, which makes the industry appealing to hackers because companies are housing more client data while working on a project. Buildings and their increased technology are also becoming targets.  

Why the construction industry? According to Oliver Noble, a cybersecurity expert at Nordlocker, an encrypted cloud service provider, “The reputation of firms in this industry is largely built upon on-time service delivery, which is at risk during any delays caused by ransomware attacks; this factor, together with the industry’s razor-thin profit margins, provides the ransomware groups with conditions that make a payout more likely.” Your business doesn’t have to be the next target for these cyber criminals with preventative ransomware protection that we offer.


Digital Risk Management Education

In Our January 2020 blog, “Don’t Wait Until After the Attack to Protect Yourself,” we mentioned how digital risk management is personalized to fit your business needs. The best way to prevent ransomware attacks is an informed employee, beyond changing passwords regularly, on the signs of phishing and cyber attacks and the steps to take when it is identified and how to report suspicious messages. In order to ensure employees understand the importance of digital risk management to the company and the part they play in maintaining that, training must be done upon hiring, during the year, and again if they click on a phishing simulation to ensure they understand how to identify a suspicious email and what to do about it. Employees knowing and understanding what to look for aids in positive, long-term digital risk management and providing a viable and strategic plan that addresses preventable risks that can impact the organization's financial performance, operation, or reputation.


Protection Beyond the Firewall

The development and different types of ransomware are increasing, making the need for anti-ransomware protection to evolve and become more effective and efficient. Firewalls have long been the preferred method for protection, and it was believed to be enough protection. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. An increase in ways to attack yields an increased need for a variety of ways to protect yourself. 

Don’t count out firewall protection, as it is still the first line of defense against cyberattacks, but should not be the only method of protection used because these hackers will try a variety of ways to attack your data. The one that could possibly be successful is the one that isn’t protected against a firewall. Working with a trusted MSP to create a defense strategy helps to drive awareness, communication, and act swiftly in the event of an attack.


Invest in Protection

Small businesses and newly formed start-ups  usually do not have the same cybersecurity checks in place as larger, more established companies, making them an easier target for ransomware attacks. There is only one thing separating the two when it comes to cybersecurity, and that is making the investment to obtain a quality MSP. We believe in creating a plan that provides you with quality protection within your budget. Investing in an excellent digital risk management plan can help you avoid losing money in the long run and provide your company with sustainability. Our ransomware protection services are insurance for your client data and your business’ reputation, both of which are invaluable.

 You don’t have to protect your network alone - as that’s what we do best! As your MSP, we’ll take the lead in identifying any weaknesses within your system and create a plan of action that will strengthen your protection. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can give you peace of mind while protecting your data.